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I have created this freebie bundle to help get you started on your dream life journey. Each has its own ability to help you start looking at your goals and life in a different way. You can start with whichever one you want, though I think Vision Board Mastery & Cosmic Shadows Workbook are a great place to get a little clarity on your goals, then have some fun with the Bingo Card and Intentions setting Coloring Sheet. But the choice is yours. This is your "choose your own adventure" beginning. 

What's included:

✨Vision Board Mastery mini masterclass

✨Cosmic Shadows Workbook

 ✨2024 MAGIC Bingo Card

✨New Moon Intention Setting Coloring Sheet


Welcome to this journey of discovering your Celestial Self!

"Vision Board Mastery is SO good! I didn't know how they worked!"

"This is Beautiful! I LOVE the New Moon Intentions PDF!"

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