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2024 Magic Bingo Card

In 2024 I decided to have more fun with my goal setting, so I created my 2024 MAGIC Bingo card! 


The idea behind the bingo card is to come up with 24 things you would like to do, or manifest in 2024. The best part about bingo is that you only need to check off 4 or 5 of the squares in order to win!


"What do I get if I win?" Well, that's up to you! If the joy of checking off a bingo doesn't hit all of the right dopamine receptors for you, then figure out what little treat you can give yourself when you get a bingo and crush those goals.

(Here's a challenge, can you get more than one?"


If you're having trouble coming up with 24 things, just remember they don't have to be big, in fact the more small and silly, the more achievable!

Here is an example of some of mine:

✨ Make homemade pasta from scratch

 ✨ Actually finish a diamond painting

✨ Learn how to take care of my wavy hair

✨ Read 8 fiction books

Click image to download your own copy!

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