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Celestial Meg-
Personal Transformation Coach

Welcome! I'm Meg! I am a Personal Transformation Coach with a passion for empowering women to discover their inner fire and create the fulfilling life they desire. As a Virgo, and a 1/3 Generator I bring a blend of practicality and inspired action to the table to help you find the right tools and steps to take when creating your dream life. 

My life wasn't always sunshine and roses. I struggled with severe depression, anxiety, and chronic illness. But through alternative healing modalities, and a ton of self-discovery, I have found a way to rewrite my story. Now, my passion is to help YOU reclaim your power, break through your limitations, and take back control of the narrative. Let's turn to a new chapter together. 

Areas covered include:

Inner Child & Divine Feminine Healing



Nervous System Regulation

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

All sessions are done virtually unless otherwise noted. 

Click here to find the freebie bundle to get you started!

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